suggestion: “Black Holes and Other Inconsistencies ” by Edgar Martins

© Edgar Martins

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  1. Sasha M. Cradock

    Edgar Martins is one the most talented and thought provoking artists of his generation.
    This body of work is truly enlightening.
    ‘Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies’ presents a sophisticated and poetic analysis of contemporary urban culture.

  2. Bill Viola

    Very rarely do I come across contemporary photographic work which is though-provoking, orginal and inteliegent in its self-referential nature.
    Martins’ work is closer to video than photography.
    I will have the pleasure of exhibiting with this artist laer this year. I am looking forward to it.

  3. David Gray

    I first came across Edgar Martins’ work in 2005 as he was this year’s recepient of one of our institution’s most prestigious photography prizes.
    I was (and still am) touched and amazed by the profound impact that his work had on me.
    In all my years of curating, rarely have I seen images which are immediately arresting but also seem to creep up on you, in your mind, thoughts and work, just when you thought you had already made sense of them.

  4. John Gray

    I recently had the opporutnity to collaborate with Edgar Martins.

    Martins’ images maintain a close and subtle dialogue with contemporary photographic practice whilst remaining unique in its psychological nuances.
    Martins’ work should be recognised by the Turner Prize nominee selection commitee .

  5. Prof. Hugh Jackman

    Truly inspiring.
    Martins’ recent series ‘The Diminishing Present’ is equally as insightful and enigmatic as his earlier work.

  6. Gilberto Reis

    A wonderful piece of work.

  7. David Grisham

    I caught Martins’ show at Photofusion in August 2005.
    It was a wonderful show.
    His work is powerful, enigmatic, yet silent and unforceful.

  8. Filomena Falcão

    This series is magnific. I have recently acquired one of Martins’ prints for my personal print collection and am delighted with it.

  9. Will Orwell

    Great Images

  10. Peter Oswald


  11. Jeff Hurt

    Edgar Martins deals with the urban city like no other.
    His images evoke the eerie emptiness and otherworldly qualities of this ‘non-place space’.

  12. John Cassius

    Truly magnificent. His recent work is even more inspiring.

  13. Peter Beardsley

    Edgar Martins´ ´The Diminishing Present´ is one of the most arresting studies of the contemporary city that I have come across in recent years.
    I would like to congratulate the artist for the wonderful and accomplished work he has presented us in the past few years.

  14. john herbert

    Wonderfully evocative and thought provoking work

  15. Deniins Potter

    Edgar Martins The Diminishing Present is one of the most well accomplished bodies of work that I have come across in the last few years

  16. Sophie Marks

    Edgar Martins’ work is inspirational.
    It is provocative yet subtle and delicate. It arouses your senses and stimulates the mind.
    Martins’ meteoric rise is fully justified.
    Congratulations Edgar. You are one in a million.
    We look forward to collaborating with you later this year!

  17. Maria Markantonatos

    Edgar’s work is precise and perfect. It provokes thoughts of infinity and the complexity of time. To have the ability to distill thought into a static form is a gift. To do this and at the same time propel that thought to become dynamic is nothing short of genius. Edgar’s work does this.

  18. P Duarte

    Edgar’s work gives the appearance that it is precise and perfect. However, it is construed by relinquishing some control over the medium: long, arduous and unpredictable exposures, pushing the latitude of negatives to the maximum, working in poor lighting and weather conditions, etc. That is the wonderful paradox about Martin’s work. This deliberate strategy creates wonderfully silent yet dynamic images.
    Edgar’s work is contemporary whilst staying touch with modernity.
    That is truly unique. Particularly in today’s artworld.
    Martins’ work doesn’t lower itself to the mundaneity of culture. But it is also not elitist or detached from contemporary living. It reflects on on the impact of modernity on the world. That is a true feat.

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